Transition Your Summer Garden Indoors

Posted by Allison Miller on 14th Sep 2016

With the fall and winter months coming, it's time to brighten up your home with a little color. Indoor gardens and hanging plants are the perfect way to help bring a little bit of life to the snowy months. Whether you're planting an indoor herb garden or looking to add vibrant flowers to brighten up your bedroom, indoor planters add a simplistic, elegant style that will tie in seamlessly to your decor. 

The Grovert Wall Planter 

Your kitchen is always the perfect place to add a little greenery. The Grovert Wall Planter is perfect for keeping the indoor herb garden all your neighbors will be envious of. The simplistic design will tie in perfectly with any room while maintaining the functionality of a stand-up planter. It's perfect for the plant lover who is stuck in the snowy months and the urban-dweller with a green thumb! Check out this wall planter in all of the color options we have available! 

The Off the Wall Pot 

Walls are not meant to be bare. Give your home a little TLC with vibrant colors that jump off the walls! The Off the Wall Pot will give your room a little added dimension while remaining seamless and elegant. Add your favorite succulents and cacti to give your room a little southwestern flare. 

The Porcelain and Leather Planter 

This planter is perfect for the fall months. Transplant your outdoor garden to a tiered garden on your walls. Who says you can't grow flowers all year long? Your walls will come alive with living artwork and your room will look brighter instantly. 


The Flip & Tumble Felt Pod 

Looking for a little something different? This felt pod is the perfect way to keep your plants happy and healthy while adding a little bit of edge to your decor. With so many varieties of planters, it's hard to choose which one works right for your home. The felt pod is perfect for any on-the-go gardener. Its simplistic design allows the plants to thrive and retain water without making a mess. Being made of 100% recycled felt, the felt pod is perfect for the eco-friendly grower. 


This fall, let Urbilis help you transform your home with a beautiful indoor garden. Make sure to check out all of our indoor planters and products!