Terrazzo Rectangle Planter

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18" H
24" H
14" H

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This handsome rectangle planter is made with a mixture of extremely durable and scratch resistant natural stone and resin backed by strong fiberglass giving the modern planter a beautiful look of natural stone without the heavy weight. With such an appeal, this high quality container is perfect for virtually any indoor or outdoor placement. It has been tested in -44 and +150 degrees fahrenheit and has also been UV tested with impressive results. This product is on closeout pricing and is not eligible for return.

  • Made of extremely durable, scratch resistant natural stone and resin
  • Backed by strong fiberglass
  • Looks like stone without the heavy weight
  • Great for indoors or outdoors
  • Optional saucers or caster platforms are available
  • Saucers and casters cannot be used together
  • Caster platforms are made from galvanized metal and fit under planter recess
  • If direct planting for indoor installation, line with 1mm plastic
  • Please Note: This item does not ship to Canada, Alaska, or Hawaii
  • Please allow up to 1-2 weeks for this item to ship.
  • Please Note: Bottoms of planters are not painted.
  • *Items with drainage holes may not be returned.
  • *Items with Double-Tough Clear Coat may not be returned.
  • *Gemstone and Burnished colors may not be returned.
Size: Outside Dimensions: Inside Dimensions:
XSmall: 36"L (Top) x 13.5"W (Top)
36.3"L (Base) x 13.8"W (Base)

33.4"L (Top) x 10.9"W (Top) x 11.5"H

Small: 36"L (Top) x 13.5"W (Top)
36.4"L (Base) x 13.9"W (Base)
33.4"L (Top) x 10.9"W (Top) x 15.5"H
Medium: 36"L (Top) x 13.5"W (Top)
36.5"L (Base) x 14"W (Base)
33.4"L (Top) x 10.9"W (Top) x 21.5"H
Large: 48"L (Top) x 18"W (Top)
48.4"L (Base) x 18.4"W (Base)
44.8"L (Top) x 14.8"W (Top) x 15.5"H
XLarge: 48"L (Top) x 18"W (Top)
48.5"L (Base) x 18.5"W (Base)
44.8"L (Top) x 14.8"W (Top) x 24"H

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