Corten Steel Raised Garden Planter

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13" H
Rusted patina finish

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The Corten Steel Raised Garden Planter is perfect addition to any garden or backyard! This modern steel planter features a rust developed patina finish and a sleek square design. It's ideal for a modern herb garden and can be used on their own or in pairs to create different looks depending on your space! The developed patina finish protects the steel from additional corrosion and exhibits surface rust for design purposes only! The Corten Steel Raised Garden Planter arrives in their raw unrusted state and will rust with natural exposure to the weather.

  • Usage: Outdoor only
  • Made from corten steel, only develops surface rust, will never rust through
  • Deep planting base for both large and small plants
  • Frost and crack resistant for colder climates
  • Includes planter hardware
  • Ideal for both residential & commercial settings in winter & summer
  • Perfect balance of durability and design
  • Note: All Corten Steel planters are shipped in their raw, unrusted state.
  • This product does not ship to Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii
One Size: 48"L x 48"W x 13"H
Planter Weight: 45 lb


What is Corten Steel?

Corten is a trade name for a steel alloy material and is a weathering steel. The material is corrosion resistant steel and if left uncoated develops an outer layer patina. This patina protects the steel from additional corrosion. Corten Steel Planters are made to rust and will start showing the signs of rusting if you just put them outside for a couple months and let Mother Nature take its course!

How to make Corten Steel rust faster:

If you want to initiate the rusting quickly, first wash the planter with warm water and soap. This will remove any remnants of oil and the water will react with the metal initiating oxidation (rusting). Next, mix together the following ingredients into a spray bottle, or a fertilizer pump sprayer:

  • 16oz Hydrogen Peroxide (Use a fresh bottle)
  • 2 oz White Vinegar
  • 1/2 Tablespoon of salt

By using this mixture and lightly spraying the planter 3-4 times a day, you will achieve the fully rusted look in a matter of a few days!

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