Tropical Plants For All Seasons

Posted by Jade Daou on 18th Jul 2018

Do you live in a region where all four seasons are distinctly present? If so building a tropical garden isn’t quite easy... But lucky for you, we are here to help! Building your own tropical paradise may be challenging when in presence of below freezing temperatures, however, there are a couple tricks you can use to make it happen. 

Let’s start it off with colors. Since a very young age, our brains have been able to associate different colors to emotions. Vibrant colors are often associated to joy. The presence of bright colors in a tropical setting may explain its popularity. There are many ways of adding color to your garden. Plants obviously have a major role in enlightening your garden, however, outdoor furniture and modern planters can also help! Pairing the right plants with the right planters will create a beautiful and colorful paradise. 

Another trick to embellishing your garden is lighting. Lighting obviously only has an impact when the sun sets. However, the effect it creates can be outstanding. Having dramatic lighting will highlight your gorgeous patio even when it’s dark. It can also create a different atmosphere depending on the intensity and direction of the light.

Now let’s talk plants, the heart and soul of this whole operation! Finding plants with the ability to survive harsh and cold winters is not easy. However, they are existent! Here are a couple plants matched with planters:

1. The Sunset Glow Bamboo (Furgesia Rufa): This plant is one of the most cold resistant types of bamboo. It looks just like a regular bamboo tree but it can survive in conditions as low as -20*F. This plant matches well with the Case Study Cylinder Planter With Wood Stand. This planter comes in an extra-large size which can accommodate this plant wonderfully.

2. The Yucca: Even though it’s not a true tropical plant, this plant holds a tropical-style look. It also has the capability to survive through tough weather. This plant is notable for its rosette sword-shaped leaves. If placed in the Orinoco Bowl, the sharp lines of the plant will contrast nicely against the traditional planter.



3. The Japanese Fiber Banana: Known to be the most hardy banana tree, the Japanese Fiber Banana is sure to be a hit in your garden. Bananas are one of the first plants to come to mind when most of us think of a tropical look. Being a bigger tree, this plant would need a bigger planter such as the High Trough Fiberglass Planter.


4. The Blue Palm: The blue palm is a small tree with fan-like leaves and small, white flowers followed by black fruits. With a maximum height of 6-7 feet tall, this tree is perfect for small gardens. It is also a very hardy plant. Matched with the Earth Sphere Planter, the blue palm can be a beautiful addition to your garden.



5. The Hardy Hibiscus: This little plant will bring a little color to your garden. If taken care of (exposed to water and sun) these little plants will bring life to your garden. To make sure their presence is felt, plant them in the Marquis Planter. This is a larger and funky looking planter which will bring attention to the plant.


6. The Angel’s Trumpet: This tree is sure to be your center of attraction. The huge trumpet-shaped flowers can be white, pink, yellow, peach and purple bringing life to your garden. Slightly less hardy than the other plants, this plant can survive through tough weathers as well. The Round Series Planter would be a great match for such a tree.



Maybe living in a region where all four seasons are distinctly present is not so bad after all... A tropical paradise is indeed achievable with the mixture of color, lighting, modern planters and winter-hardy tropical plants. It’s now time for you to get your gardening on!



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