Top Modern Planters to Match Your Decor!

Posted by Patrick Laske on 7th Feb 2018

Looking to add some green to your home? We have the solution. Urbilis offers an extensive line of planters that could greatly improve your indoor living space. Our wide selection of modern planters will fit perfectly in your home with your favorite greenery. Considering that the planter is only half of the project; what kinds of plants would look best in your home environment?

"Patterned plants” are growing in popularity, flaunting vibrant greens and designs that will liven any given space. The “Calathea” family of plants have striped leaves and unique patterns that can catch one’s eye from across the room. The Rattlesnake Calathea (pictured left) boasts dark and light greens that work great with any of our indoor planting options. The Case Study Cylinder is a popular product in our collection that will go great with your Calathea along with bringing a modern feel to your home. Ranging from small to extra-large sizes, this planter will perfectly suit your newest green addition.    

 Case Study Cylinder Planter

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Furthermore, the Boston Fern is also a popular option when deciding to plant in alternative ways. Its long, flowy branches (pictured) look excellent when draped over an elevated or grounded planter. Urbilis offers a selection of living wall and hanging planters that will allow you to plant a Boston Fern of your own in many unique ways. The Wally One planter can bring an empty wall or vertical space to life with a simple installation.


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Lastly, cacti has boldly made its way into the world of interior design over the past few years. These spikey statement pieces will bring a western aesthetic to your home, no matter where the location. Ranging in size, cacti can fill that empty space in your room whether it be big or small. This greenery would fit perfectly in our European Cylinder Planter, making it a seamless addition to your space.


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The possibilities are endless. Check out our extensive collection to find out what planter is best for your living space. Visit us at for more planting solutions.