Think Outside the Box (of Chocolates) this Valentine’s Day

Posted by Stephanie Buell on 18th Jan 2017




We know there are millions of options for gift-giving this month. Yes, you could get the over-sized teddy bear or the singing pop-up card but if do, it might not go over well. Here at Urbilis we want to set you up for success this February. We have a lot of products that are romantic, practical, and aesthetically pleasing.

Nothing is more romantic than a dozen red roses… and a new vase to put them in. Urbilis has a variety of vases both large and small. What better way to present your love with flowers than in a Silk Vase? This vase, along with the Diamond Vase and the Cube Vase are beautiful and modern options that will go great in your significant other’s home.

Silk VaseDiamond VaseCube Vase     

We know your better half’s Pinterest board is filing up with “Starting a Garden” pins and we are here to help. The Grovert Wall Planter is a great wall installation that makes herbs easily accessible. With detailed instructions, it is a breeze to install. If you are not handy, that’s okay too. The Triple Cube Planter and the Duo Herb Pot are wonderful alternatives that still say “I love you” or at least “I follow your Pinterest Board and that’s kind of the same thing”.

Triple Cube Planter  Grovert Wall Planter  Duo Herb Pot

Maybe your relationship is past flowers and cute gifts. What better way to give a gift of love than by crossing off items from your Honey Do List? Urbilis knows spring is right around the corner and getting the backyard ready for the summer has been on your list since last year. Head over to our Patio and Outdoor Collection and check out our great furniture options. Our No. 9 LoungeSofa, and Side Table are the perfect addition to your outdoor space.

No. 9 Lounge     No. 9 Sofa   

Skip the cliché gifts this year! Venture out of your comfort zone and pick out something unique to "wow" your significant other this Valentine's Day!