How to Keep your Living Space Clutter Free and Green this Season!

Posted by Austin L Davoren on 3rd Oct 2017

With cooler weather here and winter on its way, sometimes our living space could almost seem smaller than it is. For most, the luxury of utilizing our patio space is lost until the spring season. But that's okay! You might be feeling cramped inside and not seeing enough greenery, but these innovative designs can help revitalize your space! 

The best way to ensure an inviting home all throughout the Winter is to use your space wisely! But how do you do this? By using wall planters like the Grovert Living Wall Planter - Cherrywood Frame Kit! This planter allows you to grow a luscious and vibrant garden right on your walls! The Cherrywood will also help bring in a warmer feeling into your home. By utilizing your wall space, it will help keep your home looking clutter free when guests are over! Everyone loves a good wall garden!

Another great trick to keep your space looking open and inviting is the Wally Five from Woolly Pocket. This soft pocket planter features military-grade moisture barriers to ensure that your walls stay dry. Looking to spruce up more than your wall space? Let’s utilize that ceiling space as well with a hanging planter! You could also incorporate products like the Hanging Terrarium. This clean and modern terrarium will enhance your indoor gardening decor while still creating that clutter-free feel in your home.

Now that you have the wall and ceiling space taken care of, maybe you want to utilize your horizontal surface spaces? By incorporating small yet modern planters on top of your surface space it will allow your living area to feel open and breathable. The Mini Peanut Planter with Walnut Legs is a perfect modern decor accessory for your home. This indoor planter takes up very little space and adds a perfect touch of greenery to the room.

Looking for a statement piece in your living area? The Orinoco Bowl comes in three different sizes and adds a modern but yet classic look to any home. The best part about this product is that is can also be used as a modern patio planter as well once spring arrives! How about your kitchen space? Add the Trio Herb Pot right on a window sill! This ceramic pot is perfect for three medium sized plants to add in any space; big or small.

Here at Urbilis, we want to make sure your passion for greenery doesn't go into a hibernation mode over the next few months. Now that you have these helpful tips on how to keep your space looking big while keeping greenery alive in your home, you'll be good to garden!