Color Basics

Posted by Abigail MacCallum on 9th Apr 2018

From the time we are about 18 months old, we recognize differences in color and as we age, we find that different colors can evoke specific emotions in us. This stands true when it comes to interior design as well. While most of us are not pulling out the color wheel every time a design questions arises, it is important to know the basics, especially when designing a space.

Successful interior design relies on the ability in us to match, contrast, and reflect colors that elicit emotions in spaces. But color is not the only important aspect of design. Taking the walls, floors, furniture, and décor into consideration is crucial. Various colors, textures, and patterns can all have an impact on the overall feel of your newly redesigned space!

So before you start redesigning a space ask yourself, “What do I want to feel when I enter this space every day?” The following will explain exactly what colors mean what and why they are used in interior design today.


Red - Red is almost always considered to be a masculine color. It is about courage, strength and excitement. Red is  commonly used to add a bold color to a space, like a gym. Being used here, it makes gym-goers feel motivated, strong and physically driven. Red also shows ambition, determination and leadership.

Cuenco Planter

Blue - Blue is said to promote calmness, clarity, serenity and efficiency. Blue is a popular color in schools and work  environments. On the other hand, blue also signifies vastness, limitless potential and abundant positive energy – Which is also useful in these particular spaces.

 Square Phoenix Planter

Yellow - Yellow is positive! It is creative, friendly, and encourages extroversion and good self-esteem . In design, yellow is commonly paired with shades of grey to add a pop of color in a neutral space. Yellow is also a mixture of warm and cool colors that evokes knowledge, enthusiasm, happiness and hope.

Jardinera Planter


Orange - Orange denotes motivation, hope and optimism. Using this color, home owners can induce positive energy all across the house. 

Angular Modern Planter

Green - Green sits in the center of the spectrum to the human eye, which means the color is naturally restful to the eye which promotes harmony and balance. A mixture of blue and green signifies a balance in life or a certain level of stability.

Largo Planter

Violet - Violet is the color of creation, imagination and creativity.

Pal Armchair

And finally... Black - Seriousness, efficiency, and substance come from this bold color. It is so bold in fact, that is used to add a sophisticated, calculated chic look to any interior.

Case Study Cylinder Planter with Wood Stand

So the next time you’re pulling apart a space, redesigning or just adding thoughtful touches to a room, keep these colors and their meanings in mind!