Bringing the Garden Inside

Posted by Leah Marchant on 1st Aug 2017



Ah, August: a final month summer that brings with it the unwanted sound of back-to-school advertisements. At Urbilis, we know how difficult it can be to say goodbye to summer, especially to the colors and the smells nature brings to the season. Our transitional indoor planters are here to help you keep green in any room of your house all year long!

Where We Make 

Oftentimes, the end of the summer means the end of veggie gardens and homegrown herbs, and those delicious and fresh tastes of summer fade. With an indoor herb garden, you can hold onto those flavors and fill your kitchen with invigorating scents all year long! The Triple Cube Planter is minimal, modern and perfect for any kitchen. The water reservoir and the unique watering system can store up to 4 weeks of water so you can worry less about your herbs, and more on perfecting Sunday’s dinner!


Where We Work

Looking to add some greenery to the home office, but limited with space? The Boxcar Planter for succulents is modern and compact, a clean fit for any desk or windowsill. They are available in a variety of woods, making it easy to match to your space.


Where We Play

Imaginations will run wild with the Sky Planter! Available in three colors, this upside-down planter will amaze child and adult alike! This planter can be paired with any bloom. Just add water from the top, and the reservoir steadily sends the water to the roots. No need to worry about a mess, Mom and Dad! The locking disk and mesh panel keep soil in place. The Sky Planter is the perfect way to add some plant life to your playroom.


Where We Share

While summer is filled with family and fun in the sun, the coming months bring with them exciting holidays, parties, and lots of time spent in our homes and around the table with the people we love most. The Reade Tabletop Planter is a refined way to bring even more life to the center of your table.


It is always hard to say farewell to summer and the colorful world that grows outside our front doors. This year, keep those colors in your home all year long with planters from Urbilis!