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Free shipping on orders over $199!


​Interior Design Done Right: Learning The Tricks of The Trade

Posted by Molly Turban on 31st Jul 2018

Its summertime and you finally managed to get away from work for a few days. For the last few weeks, you’ve flipped through magazines and browsed Pinterest boards looking for inspiration. After weeks … read more

Tropical Plants For All Seasons

Posted by Jade Daou on 18th Jul 2018

Do you live in a region where all four seasons are distinctly present? If so building a tropical garden isn’t quite easy... But lucky for you, we are here to help! Building your own tropical par … read more

It Turns Out Office Plants Are More Important Than You Think

Posted by Molly Turban on 3rd Jul 2018

What comes to mind when someone first looks at the Sendai Mediatheque? Imagine what it would be like to study in a building whose walls are composed solely of glass. Throughout the day the su … read more

Color Basics

Posted by Abigail MacCallum on 9th Apr 2018

From the time we are about 18 months old, we recognize differences in color and as we age, we find that different colors can evoke specific emotions in us. This stands true when it comes to inte … read more

Top Modern Planters to Match Your Decor!

Posted by Patrick Laske on 7th Feb 2018

Looking to add some green to your home? We have the solution. Urbilis offers an extensive line of planters that could greatly improve your indoor living space. Our wide selection of modern planters wi … read more