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New Season, New Design


Who doesn’t love a good re-decorating? Sometimes you get tired of the same old stuff and need a refresher, something new, especially when the season is changing.

Get out of the neutral, cold winter designs and add a warm spring and summer feel. There are many different ways to change up a room. Two ways you can do this is through color and pattern. Just by using those two elements of design, you can turn an old and boring space into something completely new, modern and unique.


Sometimes just changing the color of an item in a space can liven up a whole room. If the space is mostly neutral, get a little crazy. Turn the space into a more modern living area by adding a bold and bright color. Chairs are an easy way to add a pop a color with furniture. Two chairs that come in a variety of bold colors include the  Air Dining Chair and the Pal Arm chair.  A bright space is a nice compliment to the warmer weather.



Not everyone likes to be in a space that only includes singular flat color. Break up the monochromatic look by adding a bold pattern. If you do not want a bold piece of furniture, the best way to do this is with an area rug. Many area rugs are designed with bold patterns. Two rugs that showcase loud patterns are the  Cosmopolitan Geo Indoor Rug and the Twist and Shout rug. Patterns elevate a neutral space into something special and unique.


Re-decorating can be stressful if you are not sure what you want to do. Go back to the basics of design: color and pattern. By thinking about these two design elements you will be able to turn the old space into something that feels completely new. Match the approaching warm weather seasons.

If you need a little inspiration preview our lookbook! You can also  request swatches or get a quote from our commercial team. 

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